SOC/ASIC Verification

Intilop’s "design for verification" methodology is geared to minimize verification cycles and costly design respins. Whether designs are targeted towards Complex FPGA or ASIC, the methodology support either path.Their Scalable Verification™ is the most comprehensive Verification solution for functional verification and merging standards. This solution provides the industry's best language support and the most complete path for verification, from HDL simulation to in-circuit emulation, including support for test-benches, assertions and functional prototypes

By enabling software and hardware engineers to work in parallel earlier in the design process, hardware/software co-verification significantly shortens the time-to-tape out and enables teams to find and fix hardware bugs before fabrication. The Seamless hardware/software co-verification and analysis solution allows designers to create virtual functional prototypes described in C, RTL or mixed C/RTL early in the design process. Using this virtual prototype, design teams can verify that software and hardware are working together correctly and that system performance goals are met prior to system fabrication.

The benefits of intilop’s SoC design and verification solutions include:

  • Rapid, automated creation of SoC design descriptions and verification environments
  • Verification of hardware/software interface and identification of performance bottlenecks
  • Automated optimization of embedded system throughput
  • Elimination of hardware prototype iterations


Customer Testimonial

"Intilop brought in tremendous value to us in our latest SOC design and implementation. The experience we felt would successfully deliver the services we need on time. In addition to their background in ASIC design, their experience in system design and embedded firmware helped us develop the right specifications as well."
- Jim Hewit Vice President of Engineering Nortel Networks, October 11, 2003.