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The team at intilop developed critical building block IPs helping many well respected Networking OEM customers and developed the cutting edge most innovative technology products in a new class of Switches and Routers for Enterprise appliances utilizing their IPs, expertise and customers’ original product ideas. They have helped several of these customers in Verification efforts in SOC/ASIC level integration of these and other blocks

Our customers benefited from intilops’ expertise in Networking/Protocols, layer-2 through layer-7, developing custom silicon IPs, standard silicon IPs, complex multi-million gate SOC development, high speed complex board design, custom embedded real-time firmware development and several security management software module development.

Customer Testimonial

"Ixia has set out to be the world's leading wireless all-in-one hand held device company and intilop has helped us to achieve a faster time-to-market at a lower total cost than hiring a full in-house engineering team. They have a wide breadth of design capabilities, sound methodologies, and great relationships with our other key vendors. Intilop has taken the pain out of new product development and introduction."
- Dan Conally, VP engineering

Networking IPs

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