SOC Design/Verification

Cutting Edge technology Custom SOC development

At Intilop, we believe that the goal of any good design flow must be first-time working silicon. Therefore, our engineers invest significant effort in refining methodology, processes, flows and IP to achieve first-pass success. Intilop engineers will consult with your teams to determine the most optimal strategy for rapid realization of your designs, with significant productivity gains, while simultaneously reducing the chances of errors.

The team at Intilop has developed and taped out more that 30 SOCs and complex ASICs. Some of them integrated more than 24 different IP blocks and multiple processors, more than 5 million gates running at 500 MHz in 90 nm technology library.

  • System level modeling, Planning and Specification development
  • IP integration
  • Micro-architecture and design specification
  • RTL Design and Verification
  • Property checking, model checking and assertions
  • System and RTL co-simulation
  • Synthesis and STA
  • Gate level Verification
  • Front and Back end Design For Test (DFT ) Services
  • Floor Planning, Power planning, Place & Route, and Timing Closure
  • Formal Verification and Equivalency Checking
  • Physical verification and tape out.


“Chip Express needed to broaden their services and products offerings for our customers, Intilop’s experience in structured ASICs and system design helped us fulfill that gap for our customer projects. Our customers enjoyed value add in some critical areas of the ASIC development project"
- Gus Armani. Director, Engineering Services


"In highly competitive markets, it is critical to provide our customers with feature-rich solutions that keep pace with industry demand, the performance of the Intilops’ IP cores and experience in SOC designs enabled us to rapidly design and deliver a range of advanced SoCs for interactive broadband."
- D Wetman GM, Networking, Ikanos

Proven IP Cores for SOC Designs



Intilop has been a long standing Xilinx expert partner who consistently delivers leading edge designs and rapid design cycles for our OEM customers.
-Xilinx, Strategic Marketing