Board Design

Board and System Design Services

Highly experienced team of hardware, firmware, software and system engineers provide FPGA/ASIC/SOC level, board level and system level product design services. Using a highly customized tool chain and a repeatable product development process, Intilop can handle everything from conceiving of new product architectures, to developing detailed specifications to doing detailed design to simple modifications of existing products. Exceptional project management is an integral part of Intilop development process metrix, that include well defined schedules, weekly status reports and quantitative measurement of project benchmarks.


  • Developed 2 generations of Network security IPS/IDS appliances
  • Developed 12 different Multi-Million Gate FPGA-SOCs for IPS/IDS Appliances
  • Developed 14 different ASICs/SOCs for Layer-2/3 switches, routers and network processing ICs
  • Motorola-DSP based multi-DSP system design
  • PPC750 CPU based multi-CPU system/board design
  • TI-DSP based multi-DSP system/board design
  • Developed USB2.0 host-side Driver for TI-DSPs
  • Developed host-side PCI Driver for NEC-USB2.0 Host Controller
  • Developed data/signal processing/application code
  • Developed firmware for PPC750 CPU
  • Telecomm intelligent Controller Card
  • OC48/OC12 network packet analysis system with Multiple CPUs
  • Infiniband Switch Fabric Blades
  • Rapid I/O interface design
  • PCI-X, PCI express interface design
  • Hyper Transport interfaces
  • Multi-CPU cores, MAC and peripheral integration in FPGA
  • Drivers and Applications for enterprise data storage sytems
  • 802.17 1.0 Gigabit Optical Ring Interface
  • Multiprocessor Server Blade
  • 3.2 Gigahertz Backplane
  • High Thermal Load Server Chassis
  • NAS Controller
  • 1U Rack Mounted Network Interface Chassis
  • Infiniband Server Blade
  • Gigabit Ethernet / Fibre Channel Interfaces
  • Handheld GPS Device
  • SONET Timing/control controller FPGA

Customer Testimonial

"Intilop recently helped us to complete a complex design. The combination of Intilopís design experience with DSPs, Processors, FPGA's, embedded software and our engineering and design expertise with Analog-to-Digital Converters created a very useful validation, test and characterization solution for one of our new series of communication solutions. It is fun working with Intilop. They met all our expectations."
- George Haubner, WW Strategic Marketing & Product Definition, Texas Instruments Inc.

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