Super computing networked servers, Financial institutions running high frequency trading applications or data exchange applications require ultra-low latency adapters and in many cases high number of TCP connections. Intilop Ethernet adapters deliver ultra-low latency of < 1 us for the ultimate in application performance.

Cloud servers and Big data servers need ultra-high bandwidth which is only possible by Offloading all of the networking protocol processing tasks to a separate High performance TCP/UDP protocol Accelerator that does not use the CPU for Any Network Protocol Processing tasks. This allows it to get the highest productivity from their data centers. Due to deficiencies in current network Adapter architectures that rely on CPU's processing of networking stacks, the traffic bottlenecks are growing and getting worse.

Traditional architectures using faster/better and more CPU cores are not suitable for sustained high data rates for higher number of TCP connections. The power consumed by these CPUs to run a single 10G pipe is way too much and require s too much cooling at a substantial cost.

With Intilop's Ethernet dual port 10G adapters run up to 40 G bps , deliver 4G Byte/s consuming a fraction of the power. Allowing for highest data center performance, reliability, efficiency and scalability.

Data centers deploying virtualized servers see higher demands on the I/O infrastructure. With support for up to 127 virtual machines, Intilop adapters can meet the bandwidth demands of a virtualized environment.


Highest throughput and lowest latency performance via highly efficient ultra low latency hardware implementation of TCP/UDP/IP protocols on a single adapter. Highest throughput, lowest latency, most productive & efficient solution to date.

High-availability and high-performance for data center networking.

High level silicon integration and no external memory design consumes very low power and high reliability.