Value Proposition

Powered by the superior Ultra-high Performance Architecture of their 5th generation 77 ns TCP/UDP Accelerator,

Intilop's dual-port 10G Ethernet SFP+ server adapter delivers highest message rates with lowest latency and near-zero jitter over standard Ethernet along with near-zero CPU utilization, enabling the industry's best performance and scalability for enterprise data center environments.

And now, this allows applications to fully Utilize the computing power of all CPU cores available to them, rather than the CPU cores running all or parts of networking protocols. With zero jitter of TCP/UDP accelerator and full system Jitter in 10s of nanoseconds, financial applications can deliver performance with unprecedented predictability of just a few nanoseconds.

With one way latency of sub microseconds regardless of number of concurrent TCP sessions, it offers highest message rates for accelerating applications in: Ultra-high performance computing, cloud, grid, big data, storage, Web 2.0, and financial services in enterprise data center environments.

This Multi-Session performance level is several times better than other Adapter/NIC solutions available today.

This level of Acceleration is realized by the superior Architecture that implements full protocol Offloads for all Sessions as oppose to partial or most functions of a few Sessions implemented by others.

It nearly eliminates CPU processing loads by up to 96% for the most demanding network tasks.

It bypasses kernel and networking overheads, providing unprecedented performance with application compatibility and protocol compliance..

Delivered with simple APIs for applications that require downward compatibility with existing/legacy 'Socket'.

For even higher and utmost performance, the legacy 'Socket' APIs can be removed.

Accelerated Applications in high End Servers

Intilop Adapter/NICs offer the lowest latency coupled with highest performance/transaction rate networking solutions for electronic/high frequency trading, Hyper Performance Networked Server clusters, University and Government Super Computing that require Ultra low latency in I/O interconnects and many other latency sensitive computing applications.

The powerful feature of having up to 128 Virtual NICs allows that many applications to share the same ultra low latency and high performance resources of the same NIC with same ultra precise performance predictability, near zero jitter and ultra high message rate.