Intilop delivers their second generation TCP-Offload Engine SoC IP with integrated Ethernet MAC and AMBA bus interface SOC-FPGA to a strategic European OEM customer

Santa Clara, California - Jan 15, 2009
Intilop Corporation, a leading IP developer, customization & electronic engineering design services provider, today announced delivery of their second generation TCP offload engine SoC solution with integrated with ARP hardware module, G Bit Ethernet MAC and AMBA bus interface running at 2 Gbps sustained rates . It implements control plane and data plane processing of TCP/IP in hardware that is at least 20 times faster than TCP/IP software stack. In addition, it provides, as an option, an ability to integrate other interfaces e.g. PCIe x 4. Intilop designed, verified and implemented this SoC in Altera's high speed FPGA.

Because of its advanced scalable architecture, it can be customized to implement differentiated features and performance requirements to meet customer's specifications e.g. Misc. protocols processing module, in addition to TCP/IP, ARP module, customizable number of simultaneous connections, TCP/IP performance tuning based upon type of network/traffic and application usage, scalable packet FIFO size, scalable size of Session Management table, Session Parameters, scalable size of direct store Packet memories, integrated DDR/SSRAM controllers, choice of PHY interface - XGMII or Serial.

This Integrated TOE+GEMAC+AHB silicon IP with customizable features provides enhanced functionality in Layer-2-5 Switches/Routers, IPS/IDS appliances and Network Security appliances, Severs and NICs. Advanced architecture with built in scalability allows customers to target it to many silicon libraries from 0.18 um-0.090 nm ASIC, SOC or FPGA without compromising performance/ functionality

The IP core can be used in the appliances ranging from high-end Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Network Security, Content Protection/Security, Network Switches appliances and Routers to low-cost Layer-2/3 switching/routing equipment, servers and NICs. "We utilized our expertise in designing highly successful and advanced technology Multi-Giga bit Enterprise-class IDS/IPS, Network Security appliances employing SOCs also designed by intilop in defining the architecture of this TOE engine," said Kelly Masood. Intilop also integrated many of these IPs with other standard blocks in SOCs and developed necessary software as total turn key solutions as well.

“We are excited about this new crown jewel and the ability to develop value-added networking silicon and total solutions for our customers”, said Kevin Moore of Intilop.

About Intilop Corporation

Intilop Corporation is a custom IP developer, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and engineering services provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems. They offer silicon proven semiconductor IP and services with comprehensive hardware and software experience.

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