Intilop Corporation Pioneers Scalable Security Reference Platform

Based on the PPC-XXX processor

Embedded Systems Conference: San Jose, CA, June 8, 2006:
Intilop Corporation, a fast-growing Silicon Valley-based IP and Electronic Design Services Company, has introduced a security reference platform for remarkably reducing development time for developing differentiated software and hardware for enhanced security features in network infrastructure Equipment and speeding up time to market.

The board, called Smart Reference Platform, its’ design is based on the PPC-4xx embedded CPU on a Xilinx SoC-FPGA.

“This is the first time any company has engineered a security development platform for Network Infrastructure Equipment of this complexity that offers a wide range of configurable parameters” Said Kelly Masood, President, Intilop Corporation.

The Platform's goal is to help manufacturers significantly reduce the development time for enhanced security features. Besides, the Security Reference Platform can be used for developing managed switched software with security features in other networking appliances. It will further serve as an enabler for anyone creating a PPC-xxx based platform.

OEMs can now choose from several hardware and software bundles for the Security Reference Platform, beginning with a fully modular hardware platform. A full set of drivers will also be available, for easily converting designs into mid-to-high end security appliances and Layer-2/3/4 switches and routers.

Currently, Intilop Corporation offers a GUI completely based on the Open Integrated Environment (OIE) with an Embedded Linux (standard) operating system. Intilop has licensable IP for the platform and will also offer customization.

Intilop Corporations’ ASIC, System and Board design group has full turnkey hardware design capability. Focused on segments of Network Systems, Embedded / Computer Systems, and High End Consumer Digital Media Appliances, it provides projects up to 28 layers of printed circuit board density and complexity with a large number of close to 1500-pin BGA packages.

About Intilop Corporation

Intilop Corporation is one of the most respected IP developer/provider and EDS companies. The company's broad IP portfolio includes Network search engine, TOE engine, G-Bit MAC, 10-G-Bit MAC, G-bit intelligent Switch with Security features, 32-bit RISC CPUs, DSPs, and Controllers for USB 2.0, Ethernet, Serial ATA and PCI Express. They focus on designing ASICs, SoCs, SoC-FPGAs, boards, systems and firmware/driver from concept to product. They have developed several standard and custom silicon IPs and products in the areas of high speed Networking, Network Security Appliances, embedded solutions, storage systems, VoIP solutions and SANs that have been system tested and been shipping in many types of silicon.
Intilop is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. More information:

Press Contact, Intilop
Kevin Moore
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