Intilop announces customizable and scalable Tri-speed; 1G, 100M, 10M bps, intelligent Ethernet MAC silicon IP for ASIC, Structured ASIC, SoC and FPGA customers

Intilop’s Customers can design and customize differentiable products with this customizable 1G/100M/10M bps - MAC for Layer-2/3 Ethernet ASIC/SOC/FPGA design applications. Advanced architecture allows customers to develop next generation of leading edge Networking switches and routers with built in differentiated features in their system

Santa Clara, California – March, 2005
Intilop Corporation a leading IP, customization/engineering services provider, today announced development of the 1G Ethernet IP with integrated MAC Filters that has many customizable features. Intilop Corporation is a total solution developer/provider and semiconductor custom IP developer. Customers now can design in this cutting edge technology Systems, that can run up to 2-Gbps. The extra ordinarily flexible architecture of the EMAC allows customers to scale down to 100-Mbps and 10-Mbps also.

The IP core can be optimized to provide a low-cost, high performance workgroup, and wiring closet layer 2 switching solution with 2 – 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports or as many 100 Megabit ports. Because of its flexible and scalable architecture, it can be customized to meet differentiated features and performance requirements to meet customer’s specifications e.g. choice of PHY interface - RGMII or Serial, scalable packet FIFO size, scalable size of SA/DA Table, ageing/learning support, Search algorithms support, support for Layer-3/4, monitoring features for Network security, support for management functions/ interface etc.

Intilop has developed several “processing engines” that customers can leverage in its ASIC/FPGA design engagements including a 2Gbps TCP/IP offload Engine (TOE). These IP components are central to many new FPGAs/ASICs targeting networking, security, and storage markets, while they are fully customizable to meet different customers’ needs. During several customer engagements, Intilop has developed many IPs and managed the complete integration and customizations of the IP building blocks for the customer, and supplied necessary software drivers for ASIC, Structured ASIC and FPGA projects.

“We expect the combination of Intilop’s networking know-how and silicon proven IP and integration expertise in Ultra-high density FPGAs and Structured ASICs, will yield complete customized end-to-end ASIC solutions meeting time to market, cost and performance requirements of our customers,” said Kelly Masood, CEO of Intilop.

“We are excited about this new crown jewel and the ability to develop value-added networking silicon and total solutions for our customers.” said Kevin Moore of Intilop cooperation.

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Intilop Corporation is a custom IP developer, IP provider, SoC/ASIC integrator, development engineering services provider for network infrastructure and network security systems. They specialize in developing advanced technology, high value Silicon IP and total solutions. The company’s silicon-proven semiconductor IP with comprehensive hardware and software security platform enable vendors to build complete network security solutions while reducing total cost and time to market. More information:

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