Intilop Selected by Faraday-Tech as a preferred IP provider/Integrator

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 20, 2006
Faraday Technology Corporation selects Intilop corporation, a semiconductor custom IP developer in Network content inspection, SOC/ASIC/FPGA developer and total solution developer for Networking, Network Security, Storage and other embedded systems as a preferred developer to provide front end design, Custom/standard IPs and custom design solutions utilizing intilop’s IPs and Faraday’s Structured ASIC platforms.

“Intilop’s expertise in Network security with added experience in successfully turning out several SOCs/ASICs really makes a powerful combination for providing advanced leading edge system solutions to Faraday’s customers. Intilop is a pioneer in developing critical custom silicon IP blocks and developing SOCs/ASSPs/ASICs for advanced network security appliances, the fact that they are silicon proven and shipping made a compelling case for us ” said Chris Moezzi, VP Business development.

There has been a tremendous pressure to reduce cost of developing SOCs, ASICs and to develop and integrate higher value differentiable functional blocks. The fact that NC-1 and PC-1 platforms pre-diffuse CPUs + several subsystem blocks and offer a large structured cell array for customers to design their logic and integrate other standard or custom IP blocks in an SOC for various applications, results in significant cost reduction. One area that stands out is Network security which offers tremendous opportunities for Faraday and Intilop. There was a compelling need to partner with a known expert in Network security who has developed several network security IPs in hardware for accelerated performance. “The NC-1 and PC-1 structured ASIC platforms offer an unprecedented price/performance advantage enabling an order magnitude cost reduction in ‘security SOCs’ for network security appliances, we are very excited about the opportunity to participate in solving network traffic and security problems at a fraction of the cost,” said Kelly Masood, President & CTO of Intilop.

“With the trend toward integration of multiple security functions into single silicon SOC, the security building blocks and expertise for packet processing and content inspection are a perfect fit for Faraday customers' next-generation ASICs and systems,” said Kelly Masood.

Intilop corporation is a pioneer in developing/implementing Network Security functions in hardware which had been traditionally implemented in software. They have raised the bar for inspecting at multi-Giga-bit line rate, setting a new standard for next generation network security appliances. Faraday’s structured ASIC platform is strategically positioned to drive the cost of critical silicon in these appliances down to unprecedented levels.

“Our customers require a powerful yet cost-effective security solutions to build a wide range of ASICs for the next generation of Internet and data center system applications, Intilop’s security cores not only meet all of our design requirements, they are also easy to integrate into our ASIC Platforms,” said Chris.

Intilop Corporation is a custom IP developer, IP provider, SoC/ASIC integrator, development engineering services provider for network infrastructure and network security systems. They specialize in developing advanced technology, high value Silicon IP and total solutions. The company’s silicon-proven semiconductor IP with comprehensive hardware and software security platform enable vendors to build complete network security solutions while reducing total cost and time to market. More information:

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