Intilop (formerly Intilop) corporation's TCP Offload engine IP solution delivers amazing TCP/IP throughput as reported by customers in system level performance testing. This second generation Customizable Full TCP offload Engine also integrates GEMAC, ARP module, RDMA engines, PLB/405 bus interfaces. It is capable of implementing/accelerating hundreds of simultaneous TCP sessions, delivering 800 % -1500% performance improvement over TCP/IP software implementations.

Santa Clara, California March16, 2010.  

Intilop Corporation, a leading high-end IP developer, customization & electronic engineering design services provider, today announced performance results for their TCP offload engine SoC IP when tested with a networking application in a real networking system after getting validation from their customers.
The performance data is available upon request. Customer’s name is not released due to NDA terms.
It is the only TOE engine that allows customers to customize TCP/IP related differentiated features and integrates so many other functions in hardware. All of TCP-connection related tasks, TCP-Payload transfer tasks, TCP-disconnection, TCP-session management overhead which traditionally is performed by TCP/IP software is accomplished by the hardware engines in TOE resulting in an order magnitude performance improvement. It is a new paradigm and new level of integration in networking hardware acceleration.  
Because of its advanced scalable architecture, it can be customized to implement differentiated features and performance requirements to meet customer’s specifications e.g. misc. protocol processing and monitoring at G-bit line rate, in addition to TCP/IP, ARP module, number of simultaneous connections, TCP/IP performance tuning based upon type of network/traffic and application usage, scalable packet FIFO size, scalable size of Session Management table, Session Parameters, scalable size of direct store Packet memories, integrated DDRn/SSRAM controllers (optional), choice of PHY interface - GMII or Serial and more.
This Integrated TOE SoC silicon IP with customizable features provides enhanced functionality in all networking equipment including; Layer-2-5 Switches/Routers, IPS/IDS appliances and Network Security appliances, Severs and high end NICs.  Advanced architecture with built in scalability allows customers to target it to many silicon libraries from FPGAs to  0.18 um-0.090 nm ASIC or SOC without compromising performance or functionality.

 “We utilized our expertise in designing highly successful and advanced technology Multi-Giga bit Networking equipment, Enterprise-class IDS/IPS, Network Security appliances employing SOCs also designed by intilop in defining the architecture of this TOE engine,” said K Masood. “We are excited about this new crown jewel and the ability to develop value-added leading edge network acceleration IPs and total solutions for our customers.” said Kevin Moore of Intilop.

Intilop Corporation is a custom IP developer, IP provider, SoC/ASIC integrator, development engineering services provider for network infrastructure and network security systems. They specialize in developing advanced technology, high value Silicon IP and total solutions. The company’s silicon-proven semiconductor IP with comprehensive hardware and software security platform enable vendors to build complete network security solutions while reducing total cost and time to market. More information:

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