Intilop's (formerly intelop) TCP/IP offload engine shatters the latency barrier of 1 microsecond offering lowest latency and highest TCP performance. It delivers wire speed performance for small and full size packets. Setting a new standard for latency sensitive financial markets and high end networking equipment markets.

Santa Clara, California - Aug 23, 2010
Santa Clara, CA - August 23, 2010 - Intilop Inc., the leading developer and provider of advanced high complexity IPs and system solutions in Network traffic processing, acceleration, security and storage, today announced full acceptance by a major financial institution of its 1 G bit TCP/IP Offload engine that delivers highest throughput and least latency in the industry. This level of validation was accomplished by rigorous multi-network testing performed by the customer, adds another feather in their hat. The 1Gbit Ethernet (1GbE) controller integrates a 1Gbit TCP/IP offload engine (full Offload), a 1Gbit Ethernet MAC, a CPU interface and some custom logic.
Intilop’s TOE is targeted at markets for developers of FPGAs/ASICs/ASSPs, Network adapters and Very large scale FPGA-SoC IP integration which provide solutions for the end users in financial markets, web servers, email servers, high end servers in Data centers, Government network systems, University network systems. This enhanced version of 1GTOE is intilop’s 3rd generation flagship TOE architecture. The highly flexible and scalable architecture offers customers, ability to customize it to suite their specific application.
1G TOE is targeted towards high end Network adapters, LAN adapters on motherboard design applications. The highly integrated, highly scalable full Offload TOE employs patent pending high performance VLIW microcode machines and advanced hardware design techniques that test the limits in FPGA and ASIC integration technologies. Its architecture utilize intilop’s proven second generation TOE, MAC and iWARP (RDMA) designs. The unprecedented customizable features as options include; scalable number of TCP sessions, UDP Offload, type of CPU interface, On-chip DDRII/III controller, PCIe interface, support for multiple (2-4) 10G Ethernet MACs, VLAN support, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support and others.

"The latency of less than 1 us for our 1G TOE raises the bar pretty high and sets a new standard for line rate TCP performance. it is based upon our reliable and tested TOE architecture that delivers highest performance in the industry, in addition, the designers love the fact that our TOE engines can be customized for any system application” said K Masood, President and CTO.

Intilop Corporation is a pioneer as an advanced networking and custom IP developer, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and engineering services provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems. They offer silicon proven semiconductor IP and services with comprehensive hardware and software development experience.

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