Intilopís Patent filings approved by the US patent office for 3 Patents with 51 claims for their Full TCP Offload Technology.

Intilop secures their 76-Nanosecond Full TOE Technology with three key patents.


Santa Clara, CA - September 07, 2012 -- Intilop Inc., the leading developer and provider of advanced high complexity IPs, FPGAs/ASICs and system solutions in Network traffic acceleration and processing plus security and storage, today announced that the three patents filed with a total of 51 claims have been accepted by the US patent office.


These patents are designed to protect the unique algorithms, architecture and design concepts in conjunction with FPGA and ASIC hardware technology which implement a full TCP/IP stack in hardware to accelerate TCP processing in 76 nanoseconds. They were first to ship Full TCP Offload Engines on FPGAs more than 3 years ago and now are a well respected and recognized leader in Network Acceleration Technology products.


Intilopís TCP processing hardware acceleration technology delivers nanoseconds performance which is order of magnitude superior compared to similar but much slower hardware implementations that are still in the several 100s of nanoseconds or in the microseconds.


Intilopís 10G bit TCP offload engine is essentially 20G bit (full duplex) which delivers highest throughput with lowest low latency in the industry.


"This 10G Network Acceleration Technology patent filing also covers 40G TOE that can be seamlessly scaled to operate in 40G Networks and beyond for traffic processing which raises the bar in ultra-low latency and ultra-high-performance systems. We are already shattering latency and bandwidth records with our network traffic processing engines. The fact that our IP-Cores and solutions are also highly customizable and scalable offers a very high value proposition for our customers", said K. Masood, President and CTO.


Intilopís TCP Offload engines are targeted at markets for developers of FPGAs/ASICs/ASSPs, Network adapters plus very large scale FPGA-SoC IP integration which provide solutions for the end users in financial markets, web servers, email servers, high-end servers in Data centers, Government network systems and University campus network systems.


Intilop Corporation is a pioneer as an advanced networking and custom IP developer, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and engineering services provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems. They offer silicon proven semiconductor IP and services with comprehensive hardware and software development experience.


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