Intilop Engineering Executive, K Masood to Present on 10G TCP Offload Engines at Ethernet Summit

Santa Clara, Calif, Feb. 9, 2011-- Intilop, Inc. a leading developer of advanced technology Network Acceleration hardware IPs with integrated firmware and total solutions for Networking Equipment, High Performance Computers, servers, enterprise systems for financial markets and data storage equipment markets, today announced that Kelly Masood, President and CTO of intilop Corporation will present on 10G TCP Offload Engines and 10G Ethernet MACs, at the upcoming Ethernet Technology Summit, at the Santa Marriott Hotel,  Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Feb. 25, 2:00 p.m. (PST). 

Mr. Masood’s presentation, titled 10G TCP Offload Engines, Series of Third Generation IPs, will address why TCP/IP Offload Engine is needed today, more than ever. They have FPGA based TOE IP and total solutions that are available now.

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Presentation Abstract
Explosive growth is expected in 10G Ethernet ports over next three years, with more than 22 million ports projected by 2014 (source: The Linley Group). 10G TOE and EMACs are needed to help the growth to occur without deploying more pipes or ports by using the existing pipes lot more efficiently”


The computer networking systems have been fairly effective in running TCP/IP software to realize fairly decent performance from Network pipes that run at up to 1G bps. Now, the same TCP/IP software is having to keep up with 10G bps line rates, therefore the problem; a typical TCP/IP stack has thousands of lines of C code. Clearly this is more code than could be efficiently handled by any CPU/OS in software for real-time processing of TCP sessions on a 10G Ethernet Port.


By Offloading this critical yet time consuming function to an external and independent TCP/IP Offload Engine that performs all functions of TCP/IP software is the most efficient thing to do”. Not only it frees up the CPU, it increases the through put to near line rate and it decrease the latency to just a few hundred nano seconds. This low latency is a boon to financial industry equipment makers.


10G TOE is also expected to help reduce the number of switch ports required in next generation switches by reducing the need to do ‘load balancing’ because CPUs behind the switch are not able to process the network traffic fast enough. This new found bandwidth in the existing 10G and 1G pipes is the icing on the cake.
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