Intilop delivers Graphics subsytems to IBM. Card was designed around ATI's advanced Graphics processors and Xilinx Spartan-3 series FPGAs



Intilop announces successful completion and delivery of a 'Data Acquisition, Processing and storage System to Sundance Inc for General Dynamics, a large DOD customer.

The first such system that combines power of multiple DSPs, multiple 100 MHz Analog to digital converters, multiple USB2.0 controllers and USB2.0 Hard drives in one stand alone platform. Intilop developed specifications of USB 2.0, PCI-66/33 MHz, TI-DSP hardware, firmware and software architecture, performed detailed firmware and hardware design/debug/system integration and test.



Intilop signs a contract with Agilent Technologies to develop hardware for a USB 2.0 based Camera system



Intilop signs a contract with IBM research labs to develop a high end graphics card for government research project



Intilop signs a contract with Lumiled/Agilent to develop the LED intelligent controller platforms for their state of the art exhibition facility in Santa Clara, CA



Intilop signs a contract with Sundance Inc to develop the first large USB 2.0 disc based storage system for General Dynamics with capacity of Terra Bytes. Sundance to provide General Purpose processor cards with Large FPGA for user interface/applications development


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