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Product Briefs

  Product Brief
Product Brief
10 G-bit Ethernet MAC Engine (INT 10000)
10/100/1Gbit Ethernet MAC Engine (INT 1000)
TCP Offload Engine (INT 1010)
1-Gbit Network Search Engine Controller (INT 1100)
3DES Triple DES Crypto-processor Core (INT 11400)
AES Advanced Encryption/Decryption Standard Core (INT 11600)
AES-256E Advanced Encryption Standard Encoding Core (INT 11500)
Giga-bit Multi-port Switch (INT 1020)
CUSB : Universal Serial Bus Device Controller Core
64-bit VME slave controller core
C 8000 : 16-bit Microprocessor Core
Embedded RTOS High-Performance, Highly Portable, Small footprint


White Papers

  White Paper
White Paper
Challenges in Data Security In High speed Networks
Stealth IPS false Positive
Network Processors : A Critical Processing Function for Real-Time Network Security Solution.
Detailed List of Common Protocols & traditional IP Port Numbers
Buffer Overrun Vulnerability in Servers
Boyer Moore Algorithm
SoC/ASIC/SoC-FPGA/S-ASIC Design and Verification Methodology
Standards-Based IP Cores Ease Networking IC Design


Product Specs

Intilop 10G Ethernet MAC Model Specifications
Intilop 1Gbit Ethernet MAC Model Specifications
PCI-X Controller Model Specifications
PCI Express Controller
SoC Board Specs
IP Development EDK- Xilinx



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